Colorfield : Stand For Trees

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The team at Colorfield worked with Citizen to create ‘Stand For Trees’ – a website that allows users to purchase certificates to help halt deforestation and combat climate change. The accompanying campaign video for the cause, starring Prince Ea, has…
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North Kingdom : ‘Unfriended’

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Through their relationship with Google, North Kingdom was asked to help Universal Pictures build a conversation around their new movie, ‘Unfriended’, which is a docu-style cyber horror film that picked up an fast following. In order to tap into the…
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Templar : Coca-Cola

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Continuing Wieden + Kennedy’s outrageous series of ‘Ahh’ minisites for Coke, Templar created perhaps the world’s first adventure game staring a tongue. Guide our ‘Tongue Hero’ through multiple levels designed, animated and developed by Templar in your ‘Quest For the…
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