Colorfield : Clear Labs

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Colorfield worked with Character in San Francisco to develop this responsive, Craft CMS-based website for Clearlabs, a technology startup that powers the ‘internet of food’. The site provides an overview of Clearlab’s platform for food data analysis, aggregation and reporting…
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The ID Corp : Logitech

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The ID Corp continues their long-standing partnership with Logitech by launching ‘Home’ - the iconic peripheral brand’s central hub for all their devices and gadgets that strive to make your home connected and smarter with a hint of high-tech nerdery. View site. Roster…
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UNIT9 : Sainbury’s Bank

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Sainsbury’s and Guardian Labs collaborated with UNIT9 to create ‘Future Families,’ an interactive campaign that educates families about what their lives may be like in thirty years. Users can time-travel and get financial tips depending on the decade. View more. Roster…
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