Templar : Jack in the Box Game

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Templar joined David & Goliath and Jack in the Box to create Crave Crasher, a fully 3D, real-time WebGL game. Totally mobile- and desktop-browser-based, players get straight into the action, without the roadblocks that free-to-play games often have these days. The…
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North Kingdom : LEGO Star Wars

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North Kingdom’s task was to create a long term digital platform to empower kids to use their force and connect on a deeper level with the LEGO Star Wars universe. Master Your Force is an umbrella tagline for LEGO Star Wars to put focus…
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Templar : Coca-Cola

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Continuing Wieden + Kennedy’s outrageous series of ‘Ahh’ minisites for Coke, Templar created perhaps the world’s first adventure game staring a tongue. Guide our ‘Tongue Hero’ through multiple levels designed, animated and developed by Templar in your ‘Quest For the…
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