Colorfield : Clear Labs

Posted by Dan Fields


Colorfield worked with Character in San Francisco to develop this responsive, Craft CMS-based website for Clearlabs, a technology startup that powers the ‘internet of food’. The site provides an overview of Clearlab’s platform for food data analysis, aggregation and reporting for brands in the food industry. View site.

Roster company: Colorfield

Agency client: Character

The ID Corp : Logitech

Posted by Dan Fields


The ID Corp continues their long-standing partnership with Logitech by launching ‘Home’ - the iconic peripheral brand’s central hub for all their devices and gadgets that strive to make your home connected and smarter with a hint of high-tech nerdery. View site.

Roster company: The ID Corp.

Brand client: Logitech

UNIT9 : Sainbury’s Bank

Posted by Dan Fields

Sainsbury’s and Guardian Labs collaborated with UNIT9 to create ‘Future Families,’ an interactive campaign that educates families about what their lives may be like in thirty years. Users can time-travel and get financial tips depending on the decade. View more.

Roster company: UNIT9

Agency client: Guardian Labs


Posted by Dan Fields

MINI and KKLD reached out to UNIT9 to push the boundaries of narrative in VR and showcase MINI’s passion for innovative content. This ambition led UNIT9 to create two pieces of Virtual Film Noir, shot stereoscopically and captured with a customized 9-camera RED Dragon rig in 6K! This was the first time such a rig has been used in Europe, as well as the first time it has been used for a narrative VR film. View more.

Roster company: UNIT9

Agency client: KKLD

Templar : Chipotle

Posted by Dan Fields


Will you help fight the war against artificial ingredients in our food? Templar partnered with GSD&M to give you the ability to do just that with ‘Taste Invaders’ for their client, Chipotle. This new HTML5 game take on the classic arcade title we all know and love with the iconic burrito as your hero fighting additives we all can barely pronounce. Check it out on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Play now.

Roster company: Templar

Agency client: GSD&M

Unit9 Joins Aarra

Posted by James O'Brien

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.27.10 AM



A New Partnership Between Two Storied Digital Creative Industry Leaders

NEW YORK, NY (June 17, 2015) – UNIT9, the world-renowned innovation production studio, announced its new partnership with the long-established interactive management firm, Aarra. This alliance unites two forces of the digital industry and stands to further amplify UNIT9’s visibility and commitment to building its business stateside by leveraging Aarra’s expertise in business development and elevating their presence in select North American markets.

 “We could not be happier to join forces as we expand our offering in the US. James and his team are the best at what they do and we have great respect for the great companies in their portfolio. We look forward to shaking things up with Aarra.”  says Tom Sacchi, Co-Founding Partner of UNIT9.

“UNIT9 has been at the forefront of brand storytelling in all mediums for the past 20 years. Their recent investments in new and evolving technologies, like VR, further solidify their position as one of the most innovative production studios on the planet.” says James O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Aarra. “We’re looking forward to a very successful relationship with them.”


UNIT9 is an innovative production studio.

Our studio is a breeding ground of disciplines, consisting of Film, Digital, Technology, Games and VR divisions, with a common vision to achieve ground-breaking experiences and create new audiences with our passionate team of film directors, innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, art directors, designers and producers. We pair this with our production process, which combines open-source with a lean startup philosophy, that is designed to enable collaboration across ideation, feasibility and production. All culminating in engaging installations and events, social films, games, digital campaigns and VR/multi-sensory experiences that form strong relationships with our agency and brand partners across the globe. Thus allowing us to push the boundaries of the physical, visual and digital worlds, together.


Colorfield : Stand For Trees

Posted by Dan Fields

The team at Colorfield worked with Citizen to create ‘Stand For Trees’ – a website that allows users to purchase certificates to help halt deforestation and combat climate change. The accompanying campaign video for the cause, starring Prince Ea, has notched over 50 million views in just a few weeks, giving the site Colorfield created for this effort a major boost in visibility with over 600,000 pageviews in only one week. View site.

Roster company: Colorfield

Agency client: Citizen

North Kingdom : ‘Unfriended’

Posted by Dan Fields


Through their relationship with Google, North Kingdom was asked to help Universal Pictures build a conversation around their new movie, ‘Unfriended’, which is a docu-style cyber horror film that picked up an fast following. In order to tap into the fast-growing fanbase, North Kingdom brought to life a version of the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game that was central to the movie’s plot by crafting a version that brings online gameplay with friends to a whole new level for this Chrome experience via the use of webRTC and real-time game data. View site.

Roster company: North Kingdom

Brand: Universal Pictures

Templar : Coca-Cola

Posted by Dan Fields



Continuing Wieden + Kennedy’s outrageous series of ‘Ahh’ minisites for Coke, Templar created perhaps the world’s first adventure game staring a tongue. Guide our ‘Tongue Hero’ through multiple levels designed, animated and developed by Templar in your ‘Quest For the Ahh!’ View more. 

Roster company: Templar

Agency client: Wieden + Kennedy PDX

Brand: Coca-Cola

Welikesmall : Reebok

Posted by Dan Fields


Venables Bell & Partners chose Welikesmall to help them digitally introduce Reebok’s brand new “Be More Human” campaign to the world. And the world noticed. The lead video from the campaign garnered about 20 million views across all platforms in its first two weeks, and the “Human Score” online fitness test that WLS created as part of the website, boasts an 85 percent completion rate. Find out your Human Score and more today. View site.

Roster company: Welikesmall

Agency client: Venables Bell & Partners

Brand: Reebok

ACNE : Dignity Health

Posted by Dan Fields



ACNE partnered with Eleven to bring “The Heartbeat Symphony” integrated experience to life for Dignity Health. This stunning interactive symphony is created from the music in our own hearts. The more people that join in, the more the music grows. Add your heartbeat, and the site will find the perfect instrument for it in the orchestra using cutting-edge technology developed by MIT that detects pulse movement in a person’s skin through a webcam or phone camera. It’s that simple. Who knows, your heart could be the violin, the French horn, or even the marimba. ACNE not only designed and developed the tech behind the site, but also all of the content for the experience. View site.

Roster company: ACNE

Agency client: Eleven

Brand: Dignity Health

SilkTricky : Old Spice

Posted by Dan Fields


When nature calls, you should answer! No really, nature is literally calling your phone. Wieden+Kennedy enlisted SilkTricky for a one-of-a-kind OLA campaign giving users the ability to speak to a furry friend about Old Spice. Give it a shot for yourself, there’s no better way, short of being Dr. Dolittle, to enjoy a chat with a bear, a raccoon or a squirrel. View site.

Roster company: SilkTricky

Agency client: W+K PDX

Brand: Old Spice

Pet Gorilla : Pepsi

Posted by Dan Fields


The truth is out there! And Mekanism and Pet Gorilla helped Pepsi recreate that alien truth as an introduction to their Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show featuring Katy Perry. Through the use of gigantic Pepsi blue glowing balloons, projections and other digital mysteries, the Pet Gorilla team brought a digital OOH experience unlike any other to this year’s home of the Big Game. View more.

Roster company: Pet Gorilla

Agency client: Mekanism

Brand: Pepsi

Mr. Acne 2.0 Flying Drone

Posted by Dan Fields

The Idea

At the end of 2013 ACNE moved offices and naturally they wanted to throw a housewarming party for our friends and clients. But they also wanted to do invitations in a new and creative way so they came up with Mr. ACNE, or Mr. ACNE 1.0: Party Invite as they liked to call it. Mr. ACNE 1.0 was a clock that counted down days to their housewarming. It was a big success.

Davey Silver Award

W3 Silver Award

So, for this past Christmas (2014), as ACNE was brainstorming on the typical holiday gifts, it was natural for them to start with Mr. ACNE 1.0 as a jumping off platform. This time we needed to up the ante though. To do so, they sent Mr. ACNE 1.0 to flight school! There, he gained his wings and 2.0 status.

Just like last time, they modeled, 3D-printed, sanded and constructed each copter by hand. But this time we had to construct and figure out how to effectively build a fully controlled quadrocopter with an abnormal flight shape.

See the full case study here.

Mr. Acne Quadcopter Film from ACNE on Vimeo.

North Kingdom : Verizon

Posted by Dan Fields


Before the Patriots won, McGarryBowen and Verizon tapped North Kingdom to answer the biggest question on everyone’s lips – who’s going to win the Super Bowl? For this site experience users can choose their side by voting on a map of the US, and then can use Google Street View to customize their own home with their favorite team’s flags, banners and colors. Also during the week of the Super Bowl, a special light show was held in Phoenix, powered by the site’s tweets. So who’s gonna win? View site.

Roster company: North Kingdom

Agency client: McGarryBowen

Brand: Verizon