Pet Gorilla : Pepsi

Posted by Dan Fields


The truth is out there! And Mekanism and Pet Gorilla helped Pepsi recreate that alien truth as an introduction to their Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show featuring Katy Perry. Through the use of gigantic Pepsi blue glowing balloons, projections and other digital mysteries, the Pet Gorilla team brought a digital OOH experience unlike any other to this year’s home of the Big Game. View more.

Roster company: Pet Gorilla

Agency client: Mekanism

Brand: Pepsi

Mr. Acne 2.0 Flying Drone

Posted by Dan Fields

The Idea

At the end of 2013 ACNE moved offices and naturally they wanted to throw a housewarming party for our friends and clients. But they also wanted to do invitations in a new and creative way so they came up with Mr. ACNE, or Mr. ACNE 1.0: Party Invite as they liked to call it. Mr. ACNE 1.0 was a clock that counted down days to their housewarming. It was a big success.

Davey Silver Award

W3 Silver Award

So, for this past Christmas (2014), as ACNE was brainstorming on the typical holiday gifts, it was natural for them to start with Mr. ACNE 1.0 as a jumping off platform. This time we needed to up the ante though. To do so, they sent Mr. ACNE 1.0 to flight school! There, he gained his wings and 2.0 status.

Just like last time, they modeled, 3D-printed, sanded and constructed each copter by hand. But this time we had to construct and figure out how to effectively build a fully controlled quadrocopter with an abnormal flight shape.

See the full case study here.

Mr. Acne Quadcopter Film from ACNE on Vimeo.

North Kingdom : Verizon

Posted by Dan Fields


Before the Patriots won, McGarryBowen and Verizon tapped North Kingdom to answer the biggest question on everyone’s lips – who’s going to win the Super Bowl? For this site experience users can choose their side by voting on a map of the US, and then can use Google Street View to customize their own home with their favorite team’s flags, banners and colors. Also during the week of the Super Bowl, a special light show was held in Phoenix, powered by the site’s tweets. So who’s gonna win? View site.

Roster company: North Kingdom

Agency client: McGarryBowen

Brand: Verizon

ACNE : Doritos

Posted by Dan Fields


ACNE carries on the Doritos Super Bowl tradition of giving everyone a chance to have their very own commercial appear during the big game. They collaborated with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the second year in a row to create this huge platform for amateur and pro directors alike. This year’s experience brought a brand new feature allowing users to use their webcam to ‘vote’ with their smiling faces. Tune in and find out who wins this Sunday. View site.

Roster company: ACNE

Agency client: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Brand: Doritos

Driftlab : Chipotle

Posted by Dan Fields


If you love Chipotle and have ever wondered what your “Chipotle Name” would be, then rejoice! For Driftlab and GSD&M have answered your burrito-fueled dreams. Just construct your virtual order from the wide array of tasty choices that you’ve come to love at Chipotle and this responsive experience will bestow upon you a new delicious moniker based on your unique order for you to share out into the world. Enjoy, Ms. Guacalyn D’Adobo! View site.

Roster company: Driftlab

Agency client: GSD&M

Brand: Chipotle

Colorfield : Polk Audio

Posted by Dan Fields


Since Polk’s new Omni line of wireless audio components let’s you play music anywhere in your home, why not share it? Colorfield worked with DOJO to create a site allowing users the ability to create beautiful custom concert posters with a multitude of tools, resulting in a piece of art reflective of their own unique home concert experience. View site.

Roster company: Colorfield

Agency client: DOJO

Brand: Polk

North Kingdom Joins Aarra

Posted by James O'Brien

final-lockup copy




Digital Creative Industry Pioneers Align In Powerful New Partnership

STOCKHOLM, SE and NEW YORK, NY (September 29, 2014) – North Kingdom, the storied and craft-driven Swedish digital agency, today announced its newly-forged partnership with the long-established interactive management firm, Aarra. This alliance brings together two digital industry leaders and further amplifies North Kingdom’s presence and commitment to building its business in the U.S. Aarra will lead business development efforts in select North American markets for NK.

“As a company, we see ourselves as the sum of every unique individual in the team. That team is even stronger now, thanks to this new partnership with Aarra –arguably the highest level management firm in the business,” says Roger Stighall, CEO of North Kingdom’s U.S. operations. “This exciting new alliance will enable us to grow our new business efforts and further strengthen our existing ad agency and brand relationships in the U.S.”

“In the 10 years since it launched, North Kingdom has become one of the world’s most revered and respected digital design agencies – the industry’s platinum standard in terms of creativity and innovation,” says James O’Brien, Founder and Principal of Aarra. “We’re thrilled and honored to have them join the Aarra portfolio, and we’re looking forward to helping them grow and achieve further success”



A digital creative agency with 50 employees located in studios across Sweden and Los Angeles, North Kingdom helps to create emotional connections between people and brands by carefully telling their stories through rich and engaging digital experiences. Nimble and creatively disruptive, the agency has created many memorable and award-winning campaigns that evolve the idea of what’s possible in the digital space for clients including Google, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Disney, adidas and Toyota. For more information, visit


Uncorked Studios : Bezos Family Foundation

Posted by Dan Fields

Uncorked Studios is proud to have worked closely with the Bezos Family Foundation and their agency partner, Johannes Leonardo, to create Daily Vroom: a mobile app to help parents transform everyday moments with their children into brain-building moments. It’s availabe for iOS and Android, so give it a spin! View more.

Roster company: Uncorked Studios

Agency client: Johannes Leonardo

Brand: Bezos Family Foundation

Transistor : Chipotle

Posted by Dan Fields

Transistor recently had the privilege of collaborating with their good friends at GSD&M and the talented Travis Millard in the creation of ‘Burrito Seed’. This animated promo celebrates Chipotle’s commitment to providing delicious food made from the finest ingredients, all of which are sourced from farmers and ranchers that believe in environmentally conscious and sustainable practices.

Roster company: Transistor Studios

Agency client: GSD&M

Brand: Chipotle

ACNE : Reebok

Posted by Dan Fields


ACNE worked with Diko Creative and Reebok to create an HTML5 scrolling site with tons of hi-res product photography and 360 degree views of product that ACNE shot and edited in-house. In order to add visual depth and interest to the still images in the experience, ACNE also created a number of cinemagraphs. View site.

Roster company: ACNE

Agency client: Diko Creative

Brand: Reebok

SilkTricky : Dodge

Posted by Dan Fields

Can you touch Craig Robinson’s Dodge Dart? The only way to find out is by visiting this hilarious site from SilkTricky and Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Each scene ramps up the absurdity and humor of Craig’s obsession with keeping your mitts off his Dart. So go ahead and give it your best shot. View site.

Roster company: SilkTricky

Agency client: W+K PDX

Brand: Dodge

ACNE : Herbal Essences

Posted by Dan Fields


To help Wieden+Kennedy Portland and P&G re-launch Herbal Essences hair products, ACNE helped create ‘Herbal Dubs’, a one-of-a-kind site that allows users to create their own dub of the new ‘Be Everyone You Are’ TV commercial through the use of text-to-speech technology overlaid on video. View site.

Roster company: ACNE

Agency client: Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Brand: P&G

Pet Gorilla : Skype

Posted by Dan Fields

Skype on Xbox One is a wonderfully crafted double-edged sword. On one hand, sharing a video call while shooting zombies is a great way to multitask. On the other, it could be a huge distraction if your life depended on you killing those zombies. To better explore this dilemma Pet Gorilla teamed up with Pereira O’Dell to create a 2-day, 12-hour live-streaming event to publicize all the features of using Skype on Xbox One. In doing so, they entered a labyrinth of integrated and interactive content. View more.

Roster company: Pet Gorilla

Agency client: Pereira & O’Dell

Brand: Skype


Posted by Dan Fields

When dealing with one of the greatest footballers of all-time, how does one represent his influence on fans? Easy…projections…larger than life projections. Pet Gorilla, worked with and Iris London to develop a clever campaign that would utilize projections of Leo Messi running, dribbling and passing his way across walls, cars and everyday objects throughout the streets of Barcelona. The final piece was released on YouTube, and within the first 2 hours it racked up nearly 1 million views!

Roster company: Pet Gorilla

Agency client: Iris London and