ACNE : Reebok

Posted by James O'Brien


ACNE worked with Diko Creative and Reebok to create an HTML5 scrolling site with tons of hi-res product photography and 360 degree views of product that ACNE shot and edited in-house. In order to add visual depth and interest to the still images in the experience, ACNE also created a number of cinemagraphs. View site.

Roster company: ACNE

Agency client: Diko Creative

Brand: Reebok

SilkTricky : Dodge

Posted by James O'Brien

Can you touch Craig Robinson’s Dodge Dart? The only way to find out is by visiting this hilarious site from SilkTricky and Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Each scene ramps up the absurdity and humor of Craig’s obsession with keeping your mitts off his Dart. So go ahead and give it your best shot. View site.

Roster company: SilkTricky

Agency client: W+K PDX

Brand: Dodge

ACNE : Herbal Essences

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To help Wieden+Kennedy Portland and P&G re-launch Herbal Essences hair products, ACNE helped create ‘Herbal Dubs’, a one-of-a-kind site that allows users to create their own dub of the new ‘Be Everyone You Are’ TV commercial through the use of text-to-speech technology overlaid on video. View site.

Roster company: ACNE

Agency client: Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Brand: P&G

Pet Gorilla : Skype

Posted by James O'Brien

Skype on Xbox One is a wonderfully crafted double-edged sword. On one hand, sharing a video call while shooting zombies is a great way to multitask. On the other, it could be a huge distraction if your life depended on you killing those zombies. To better explore this dilemma Pet Gorilla teamed up with Pereira O’Dell to create a 2-day, 12-hour live-streaming event to publicize all the features of using Skype on Xbox One. In doing so, they entered a labyrinth of integrated and interactive content. View more.

Roster company: Pet Gorilla

Agency client: Pereira & O’Dell

Brand: Skype


Posted by James O'Brien

When dealing with one of the greatest footballers of all-time, how does one represent his influence on fans? Easy…projections…larger than life projections. Pet Gorilla, worked with and Iris London to develop a clever campaign that would utilize projections of Leo Messi running, dribbling and passing his way across walls, cars and everyday objects throughout the streets of Barcelona. The final piece was released on YouTube, and within the first 2 hours it racked up nearly 1 million views!

Roster company: Pet Gorilla

Agency client: Iris London and

The ID Corp : Tile

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For a ground-breaking product as simple and amazing as Tile, the company needed a site to match that ingenuity and vibe. Character San Francisco tapped The ID Corp to bring the beautiful and responsive Tile website to life, via beautiful photography and lots of HTML5 goodness. View site.

Roster company: The ID Corp

Agency client: Character SF

The ID Corp : Ford

Posted by James O'Brien


When World Cup fever hits, The ID Corp and Team Detroit have your back in the form of hilarious and spirited animated GIF memes in support of Team USA. Using an algorithm that responded to the game’s events in real time, the Ford Twitter account sent the perfect corresponding graphics to all their followers in hyper localized target markets.

Roster company: The ID Corp

Agency client: Team Detroit

Brand: Ford

View GIFs.

Welikesmall : Coca-Cola

Posted by James O'Brien

Welikesmall extends their collaboration with the Coca-Cola team at W+K on another responsive “Ahh” minisite, called Smile City. Tapping into your webcam for detection, the more you smile, the more the tiny city grows and becomes completely absurd. Give it a shot, and see if your pearly whites can make it come to life. 

Roster company: Welikesmall

Agency client: W+K

View site.

Driftlab : Go Veggie!

Posted by James O'Brien


Together with the Bull-White House agency, the team at Driftlab designed and built an elegant, fully responsive HTML5 site for their client, Go Veggie! The beautiful site serves as the new home for this premier brand of lactose and dairy-free products, and includes an easy-to-use set of online tools to enable consumers to find their perfect non-dairy match. 

Roster company: Driftlab

Agency client: Bull-White House

View site.

Welikesmall : Purity Vodka

Posted by James O'Brien

Purity Vodka deserved a site as tasty as its product, so WLS and Catalyst delivered. The responsive, clean execution helped bring their web presence in-line with their branding and content standards.

Roster company: Welikesmall

Agency client: Catalyst

View site.

rehabstudio : Lia Chavez Art Installation

Posted by James O'Brien

New York-based visual and perfomance artist, Lia Chavez, approached the team at rehabstudio to collaborate on the creation of the perfect meeting of technology, science and art for her Poiesis/Tumult art installation. rehabstudio created custom code to read Lia’s brainwaves, in both frequency and strength of signal, and transmit them via bluetooth to a strobe light that would visualize the biofeedback over the course of her 8-hour live performance in Dundee, Scotland.

Richard Avedon iPad App from Potion

Posted by James O'Brien

This new app offering for iPad is a digital survey of the legendary photographer’s sixty-year career. Potion focused on creating an elegant and clean interface for effortless browsing of Avedon’s work.

Welcome the new Artisan online experience!

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Sleek, responsive, classy, and strategic. All adjectives we often use to describe Artisan. With the relaunch of their site, Artisan shares their fresh take on the mobile responsive experience.

Check out their latest work and learn more about their approach, a mix of SWAT impact sprinkled with White Glove Service.

See it for yourself -

Congrats Momentum NY and Colorfield on their Gold Stevie win for Amex OPEN’s CES 2014: The Small Business Big Shot Game (Best Exhibition Display, Stand or Feature)

About the project: Working with Momentum, Colorfield created a one of a kind game experience for Amex OPEN – the American Express Small Business network. The game debuted at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. In addition to the multi-player touchscreen-based game, they contracted Astound Group to build a 21-foot tower to house moving LED light cubes. The cubes moved up and down the tower based on each player’s score.

A single player practice version of the game that runs on iPad allowed contestants to test their trivia knowledge and get familiar with things before stepping up to the main experience. For the game software, they used Adobe Air. The tower controls and LED light cubes were built with Arduino, LEDs and stepper motors. They then tied it all together with a Node.js server to create the experience.

Find out more about the project here: