The Future of Retail

A New Pardigm for Product Display

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    New York City, NY


PERCH is a startup intent on revolutionizing retail by introducing a series of game-changing interactive display technologies. We believe there is value in holding a product in one’s hands, and that that value is perennial. We also believe that there is value in the digital shopping experience, in having a world of information at one’s fingertips. This too is here to stay. Based on these two firm beliefs, we envision a future in which the two experiences are merged into one coherent, enjoyable and productive shopping experience. The creation of this holistic experience is not only a technical challenge, it is a design challenge. Only by acknowledging the importance of both domains will we succeed in creating the future of retail.

Perch Interactive is a spin-off of Potion. Potion is an award winning interactive design and technology firm located in New York City.