Your health is so much more than just your daily activities. It’s a reflection of your holistic well-being, from getting enough sleep and proper nutrition to practicing mindfulness and participating in physical activity.

So why is it so many digital fitness products only focus on measuring performance with binary, isolated pieces of the puzzle: solely counting steps, calories, or minutes?

When Uncorked partnered with Aadidas to create All Day, a product designed to empower behavior change and help people lead healthier lives, they began by asking fundamental questions about the role that technology has played in health services to date, and what could be done differently.

All Day, available as an Android or iOS app, uses science-based models for behavioral change to encourage people to build new habits that stick.

After a first wave of fitness trackers focused solely on the numerical outcome of exercise, All Day transcends initial capabilities by using nuanced analysis and modeling to form a more complete picture of the results of a healthy lifestyle.

So how is All Day different? The product is designed to be a personal guide to well-being, helping users explore four pillars of complete wellness: nutrition, movement, mindset, and rest.

The All Day user experience drives towards Discoveries—quick, guided sessions—created by experts like yoga guru, Adriene Mishler; wellness chef, Candice Kumai; and fitness trainer, Stephen Chuek. Each Discovery helps expand an individual’s knowledge and capabilities around the key pillars.

It’s no longer the be-all and end-all of the product experience, but All Day also automatically tracks steps, calories burned, and sleep. Users can also log activities, like a gym session or a spin class, to help paint a complete picture of their fitness journeys.

All Day  is the result of user-first end-to-end product design and development. The insights Uncorked used to create the key pillars for the app were built on real-life personas and user research. They had a full-fledged team across several disciplines working on this product. Here are some quick snapshots of what that looked like:

On the development side, Uncorked:

- Built a host of applications for a distributed auto-scaling infrastructure
- Handled comprehensive consumer-facing mobile application development for Android and iOS
- Created an ecosystem to support users of all activity levels at high volume from app launch

And on the design side, Uncorked:

- Developed a language for visualizing quantities of data in a novel, human-centric way
- Conducted research and developed a set of design personas used to guide product decision making
- Built a series of cross-platform templates to automate asset processing
- Orchestrated a robust content plan for a growing number of Discoveries

All Day is now available for download in the iTunes and the Google Play store.