Major Lazer Snapchat Lenses

Once again set on a journey towards exploring the unknown, North Kingdom teamed up with BBDO New York, Bacardí and Snapchat to create the world’s first Snapchat lens music video!

Over 30 million people joined the party, enjoying Major Lazer’s new tune ‘Step to The Front of the Line’ in a story that played over two Snapchat-lenses, each 30 seconds long.

By embracing the low-poly aesthetic that is inherit to Snapchat, collaborating closely with product developers and finding our own unique technical solutions NK managed to create a beautiful and unexpected visual language that augmented the lives of millions of Snapchat users.

With the intention of showing how the campaign helped the award-winning trio to follow through on their mission to ‘make the world a smaller place’, please enjoy Major Lazer’s awesome tune accompanied by epic footage collected from users all around the world!