U.S. Air Force Collaboratory

Welikesmall worked with GSD&M to create and document the world’s first collaborative crowd sourcing platform for students and the U.S. military to work together.

Building a full show package was a bit of new territory for WLS. While they have created a multitude of motion graphics, they reveled in creating timeless bumpers and transitions for future Air Force projects.

Production requires an enormous amount of coordination and organization. Their crack team of producers pulled off a multi-week four location shoot that was a bit more stressful than typical. WLS secured clearances, hired local gaffer, sound crews, and scheduled around Airman’s typical busy routines. Success was achieved on budget and in a timely manner. All Direction and Cinematography was handled by the Welikesmall crew.

WLS documented three project launches for the Collaboratory, including Quadrotors, GPS, and Search and Rescue.

Solving the Air Force”s toughest challenges required a collaboration platform unlike any other. The Collaboratory was built from the ground up so you and a community of peers could work alongside real Airmen on real Air Force projects. Your idea could change everything.

Airmen played an integral role in communicating with students. They were tasked with leading the community in a way to guide them to the solution simultaneously learning and mentoring.

Students were at the core of the Collaboratory and the encourage participation the system was both gamified and structured for quick ideation. Additonally students were able to customize their profiles and sign up quickly via Facebook.

To encourage student participation WLS built a simple socket system that allowed users to see when participants were contributing live, the live activity aspect; thus, spurned more conversational type discussions, and longer site engagements.