Built on science, powered by parents.

Research shows that a child’s brain develops the fastest during the first five years of life. It also shows that simple, small efforts to stimulate neurological growth early in life can result in large long-term gains.

Since parents double as teachers during these years, it makes caregivers ask themselves “Am I doing enough?” “How can I do more?” and “Where will I even find the time?”

The answer to these questions is Daily Vroom, a mobile app Uncorked created with Johannes Leonardo for the Bezos Family Foundation. The app works for one, simple reason – it doesn’t ask parents to change their daily routines or add tasks to their already busy lives. Instead, Daily Vroom helps them see how bath time, driving, grocery shopping and hundreds of other actions involved in parenthood are the only tools needed to help a child’s mind reach it’s potential.

The end result is more than just an app. Daily Vroom has become part of a broader educational movement that has reached as high as the White House and President Obama’s efforts to improve early childhood learning on a national scale.