Southern California Public Radio, known colloquially by its radio call sign KPCC, reached out to Uncorked Studios to design its next generation of mobile products. As the nation’s second most-listened to public radio station, KPCC had reach and a loyal audience. Uncorked knew that designing a new product would require careful research into the existing product, an understanding of user’s behaviors, and a thoughtful design approach that could equally serve the stations news, programming, and events departments.

The project kicked off with KPCC’s key stakeholders – a mix of news editors, journalists, program hosts, and the membership outreach team. Together, the teams outlined and prioritized user stories that would serve the varied audience during their daily routines – from home to work, during the day, and back.

Uncorked spent the coming weeks establishing user experience flows and wireframes via polished visual design explorations. The output of the design discovery session became the foundation to the KPCC iPad application, which was developed via a grant that allowed them to hire an in-house mobile development team.

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