Uncorked Studios worked closely with Pereira & O’Dell to build a stop-motion app to be used with LEGO Super Heroes figures. The LEGO Movie Maker app allows users to create their very own LEGO action films using stop-motion animation techniques and their iPhone or iPod touch. LEGO Super Heroes already has quite the dedicated following so this app not only needed to be simple enough for kids, but also had to offer an experience that could entertain adult LEGO fans. The Uncorked team kept the UI simple and clean, but still jam-packed the app with lots of goodies for the more advanced users.

With over 1 million downloads, the application has a very loyal following, and our feature planning phases take into account the personal connection that others have made with our product. As a result, we developed additional features, including interstitials, audio editing, importing of music, and made the branding more universal so that all types of LEGO sets could be animated into films. As P&O moved on to another toy brand, the LEGO relationship was passed along to Uncorked, and we continue to this day to update the product to reflect user feedback.

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