UNIT9 Films and director WVLF CVB launched this 360º music video for Libratone, showcasing its brand new 360º speaker, which is designed to be placed in the centre of a room. Using the idea that global fans would create house parties around the speaker system, UNIT9 produced a music video showcasing track “Nightingale” by British drum and bass act, Sigma. Fans were cast through social media and given the task of coming up with a set-up for the film. The best entries were filmed and made it into the final piece. Because the film was fully fan cast, UNIT9 had less control over the pre-production than they normally would. It took a while to get all the user generated content responses in and then they had the task of sifting through them to find the gems. The team approached the edit by finding shots in different set-ups that worked well together. This helped create a nice flow for the film and gave the finished piece a sense of cohesion.