In celebration of Canadians across the globe, Molson partnered with Rethink and Thinkingbox to create the latest addition to the Molson Beer Fridge family. The Global Beer Fridge was launched on Canada Day and was featured at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. A true reflection of the diversity in Canada, the interactive fridge required users to speak 6 different languages before it would open. The interactive fridge highlighted one of the country’s most defining features and once again struck a powerful and emotional chord with Canadians.

The Molson Beer Fridge utilized Google’s voice recognition technology to initiate a challenge that required users to say “I am Canadian” in 6 different languages in order to unlock. Once opened, the participants were rewarded with ice cold beers to celebrate. With Google’s technology, the fridge was able to recognize 40 different languages and used real-time voice translation to detect whether a user was saying the phrase correctly. Thinkingbox managed the design and development of the app that would run the technology in addition to ensuring that the fridge opened only after 6 different languages were recognized.