Spreading awareness through entertainment

To mark October’s National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in the US, Pedigree has created a Facebook Mask that, in addition to layering dog ears on top of users’ faces, also lets them locate and adopt pups nearby. Once users select the Adoptable Face Mask and point the camera towards themselves they can apply a number of different dog filters by shaking their head. These masks represent the most common pooch breeds found in shelters. The Mask, created by BBDO New York and North Kingdom, prompts people to nod when they find their favorite filter. This triggers a pop-up box showing users a pup of the same breed which is available for adoption. Once they enter their zip code, the filter suggests a selection of dogs from shelters in close proximity along with contact details for each pup, encouraging people to get in touch. This functionality is possible thanks to an integration with AllPaws, an online resource that matches people with dogs at a nearby shelter.