Playstation - MLB 13: The Show

Deutsch LA came to Welikesmall to help design and develop their new campaign for the PS3 game, MLB 13: The Show. Deutsch’s concept was to “Tweet for Seats” and WLS worked closely with them to create a site that utilized Twitter and Facebook to vote for the next cover athlete. Users were able to vote once per day for the athlete of their choice. They were then rewarded with videos, stats, and an interactive stadium of their player. WLS designed and developed both a desktop and mobile version that allowed voting to happen anytime, anywhere. Then insert the power of seven star baseball players and you end up with over 420,000 votes in 5 days, press from ESPN and Fox news among others, Tweets from Lebron and Diddy and a complete media circus.

The concept was driven from the history and look of baseball; inspirations ranged from uniforms to ball stitching to the stadiums of each player’s hometown. WLS utilized and composited 3D imagery, in-game play, Red Film, and matte painting techniques to build a unique experience that put viewers in the game. WLS focused on allowing users to vote with less than two clicks, so while this was a quick, easy experience, it was a delicate balance. The reward was essentially player videos and in-depth information that really made each voter feel like they were a part of the team and empowered them to share the experience. In the end Andrew McCutchen won by outworking his competitors. He gave away Playstations, did the radio morning shows, an captured the hearts of Pittsburgh with his fun sense of humor.

It was amazing to see how many celebrities and fans were inspired to participate and vote for their favorite players. Twitter is in many ways a niche technology that many Americans had yet to adopt, but it outperformed Facebook 5 to 1.