Polk Poster Generator

Colorfield worked with Dojo in San Francisco on their campaign for the Polk Omni Collection, Polk’s new entry into the wireless speaker market. A key component of the campaign is Colorfield’s design and development of a customized poster generator site.

The core idea behind the campaign is that using Polk’s family of wireless speakers is like having a music festival in your own home – with each room being a ‘stage’ that features a different musical genre. The print and broadcast developed by Dojo makes use of beautifully designed concert posters, and the site extends this notion by allowing users to develop a poster that is unique to them.

In addition to the option of using one of your own photos in the poster (via Facebook), the poster generator allows you to customize a wide range of options – everything from color palette to content to font choices – to get a poster that’s uniquely yours.

Colorfield used a hybrid client-side/server-side approach to composite each poster. For modern browsers, the client-side renders a new preview of the poster in HTML5 canvas every time a setting is changed. Other browsers receive a server-side rendered image of the poster whenever an update is requested. Regardless of browser choice, the server (using PhantomJS) renders a beautiful image for download as well as a hi-res pdf for printing.