400 times a week, the world takes to Twitter over a single, pressing issue: over-cooked popcorn.

To help solve this problem, Uncorked focused on a novel approach to finding the perfect cook time: Sound.

Our goal was to analyze the popping frequency of the popcorn kernels and alert people when their popcorn was ready. To this end, we developed an audio algorithm derived from scientific popcorn studies  that listens for the precise moment you popcorn is perfectly done.

The result was a different kind of second-screen experience – one that sat alongside a microwave instead of a TV. And because no one cares about math formulas when they’re waiting for popcorn, we created a little kernel character whose animation corresponds to the progress of the algorithm. As the microwave plate turns, so does he, and as the popcorn gets close to being perfectly popped, he turns redder and redder until – POP! – your bag is ready.

Perfect Pop is available for free in the iTunes App Store. It was featured by Apple in its first week and ranked as high as #2 in the Food & App category, ahead of the ever-popular Starbucks app.