Colorfield worked with Mekanism to build an experience for TODAY show visitors – both generating excitement around what to expect when they visit Rockefeller Plaza for the broadcast and informing them about the basics of attending TODAY in person.

The site provides extensive information about what goes on in and around a TODAY broadcast – general information such as the weather, what to do in and around the plaza, as well as specific information like show guests and special events. The site is designed in a modular fashion, allowing new content to be easily and quickly updated as new show information becomes available.

Core to the experience is the TODAY RSVP web app, which we built to allow visitors to register to attend the Plaza for a particular show. The app on the site is complemented by a tablet-based check-in tool at Rockefeller Plaza that we built, letting show attendees ‘sign in’ when they arrive.

Show producers on the ground can then access this information in real-time, flagging any attendees that might make for an interesting story with the TODAY hosts.

Check out the site here or see the screen shots below.