Utilizing cutting-edge technology, net artist and programmer Vince McKelvie turns complex digital processes into fun and accessible tools, often putting the creativity in the hands of the user to generate highly shareable and naturally viral content.

He creates experimental computer generated animation and publishes his works as animated GIF loops, hardware accelerated interactive animation, and rendered real-time interactive animation, all presented within a web browser. He creates undulating, reflective objects that are almost hypnotic–it’s hard to stop staring at them. His paint-with-emojis site emoji.ink enabled artists such as Yung Jake to create the celebrity portraits which later inspired a Pepsi ad, and the duo’s rap video e.m-bed.de/d showed at Sundance’s New Frontier Exhibition in 2013. Björk, Skrillex, Adult Swim and others have since commissioned Vince to invent new work which Vince artfully laces with polymorphic 3D shapes and interactive, kaleidoscopic trips. Tumblr Year in Review’s ‘Big In 2014’ named Vince, alongside the likes of Marina Abramović, one of 30 artists to watch.


With You – Ghost


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Santigold Can’t Get Enough




Pepsi Challenge


Very Man, Penis Map Global Initiative, & The Eric Andre Button